LEAN Simulation + Quiz Briefcase

LEAN Simulation Kata style

Are you searching for a LEAN simulation that is both simple and effective? That is exactly what I had in mind when I created this training!

In three rounds, a team of five participants will ask questions regarding the root causes of one simple problem and determine the changes to implement to solve that problem. In implementing gradual changes, the team will be able to understand the effectiveness of continuous and iterative improvement!

You can use this simulation in a variety of contexts:

  • Coach teams on Improvement Kata
  • Problem solving process
  • Get familiarized with the LEAN methodology (White Belt level)
  • Implementing a management system
  • Increase the knowledge of LEAN techniques and tools of experienced teams

Accessible and simplified functioning, developed for you!

  • The LEAN simulation is conducted in teams of five participants, giving the opportunity to several teams to work simultaneously enabling them to compare their results, but above all, to share their newly acquired knowledge.
  • The simulation takes up little space and is simple to set up, it requires little material and set-up time.
  • It fits into a briefcase, making it easy to transport.
  • The supplies used in the simulation were selected to facilitate replenishment at your local supplier.
  • It can be facilitated by your continuous improvement agent or by a manager and his or her team of collaborators.
  • Before each turn, the team determines its goal and assesses the effectiveness of the solutions after the plan is put to execution.
  • The LEAN simulation can adapt to the time you have. Thus, you can complete it in as little or as much time as you want! It’s your turn to play!

An increased and sustainable performance!

Once the LEAN simulation is completed, participants will be proud to have solved several problems as a team, but above all, to find that they started a continuous improvement process. Together, they will have broken way to an increased and sustainable organizational performance!

Included in the briefcase:

  • Indicators in the form of a “comparison matrix” and a “tracking sheet” per team
  • Facilitator’s instructions


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